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CASTING CALL (and stuff...)
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Mikhael Rasputin is your general gay antisocial artist. He's quiet, stoic, and has a very dry sense of humor. He's a classical music type and a millionaire, to boot. Russian, vaguely neurotic, and super-seme. ^_~ He's also got an awe inspiring amount of body hair, not that Harley minds. He's 25, and has a tattoo of an ankh on his hip (long, long story involving an exboyfriend of his.), but is otherwise pretty conservative.

Harlequinn Goldman is the yin to Mik's yang. Or something. Harley is 19: outgoing, a bit shy at times, a lot vulgar mostly, and much smarter than he looks: graduated salutatorian. Surprise. He was named after his mum's favorite romance novel (thanks, Mrs. G), and is addicted to videogames and fender strats. He's both vocals and lead guitar in a punk band, and his musical taste goes from punk to death metal. Very uke, but adorably so.

Tabitha Sinclair is the daughter of Satan and a lawyer from New Jersey. For some reason, she runs an apartment complex, and has even become good friends with Mik ("Rasputin") and Harley ("Rasputin's Mini-Me". She's got the classic Bad Girl rose tattoo on her chest. Tabs is supposedly 27, but she could be lying. I dunno. I'm not asking. But she's awfully cute--just don't tell her I said that. ^_~

Cyanide Torres has been Harl's best friend since 6th grade. They're both 19, and both love punk music. He's the drummer in the band, and is very sarcastic. He's a chemistry geek, and is majoring in it, even though his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. Cy has excessive tats (A dragon across his chest, DNA strands around each arm, and a half sun around his bellybutton [tho' that one is a stick-on, the others are real]) and piercings (He's got two rings in one ear, three in the other, one brow ring, a labret, a nipple ring, and a belly ring. Phew.) Cy is supposedly the hetero one, but finds himself more attracted to his other best bud: Skids.

Skids DiAngelo is an enigma. Harley and Cy's other best friend, Skids has a short attention span, which is a bad thing. He wanders away when bored, y'know. Skids is innocent without being naïve, regardless of being 19. He's going to the same university as Cy, and appears to be oblivious to his best friend's longing over him. He gets along very well with Mik (as opposed to Cy, who really dislikes the Russian).

Rasheequa Jackson is 23, a bit older than her friends. She's the reason Harl considered renaming the band "Boy and One Non Boy Band". She's a bassist, and is doing her last year in prelaw. She is very skilled at arguing any case, despite a thick Island accent. 'sheequa's a natural born femenist, but it's hard to resist courtest when it comes from someone like Skids. She's currently single--but won't be for long if I have my way. ^_~

Ariel Allen....call him Ariel and you die. Use his last name at all times. Not much is known about him, only that he's really sexy, has incredible cheekbones, and wears lots of leather. Since he started dating Tabitha, he's become a sort of "handyman" around the building. NO, not in the hentai sense. Well, that too, but besides that. Allen and Tabitha are a match made in... well. Somewhere. And we'll leave it at that.

Aurora is Harley's older sister, much to his disgust. Although they look startlingly similar, Aurora and Harley are as different personality wise as possible. Aurora is sweet, shy, servicable, prim and tidy, and Harley's, well, Harley. Harley detests her, and she's oblivious to the fact. Poor girl, all she really wants to do is take care of her little brother. Mikhael loves her though, and they get along pretty well. She's 26, and owns a modest café downtown.

Tybalt O'Donnel. Ah, yes. He's handsome in a classic sort of way, and is very into art--which is one reason why he and Mik thought they'd be perfect for each other. Tybalt is an excellent boyfriend: caring and devoted--but he is perfectly willing to sacrifice to achieve what he wants. He's also the type of exboyfriend who sends you dead roses and maggot filled chocolates on valentine's day, tries to steal your current boyfriend, and writes your name and number in bathrooms everywhere.

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