I am the alt text! Fear me!

Now, since we all know you're not here for my webpage designing skills, I won't waste your time here much. :) Simply roll your mouse over any of the thumbnails for an alt tab explanation of the image. Then, uh, click and view. It's not that hard, really. OH! Beware of a few adult themed drawings here and there--they're the ones with a neon green "ouch, my retinas!" border.

(just ignore the page design. You'll feel better, I promise.)


Drawing of a moody Skids. Background lyrics are from a song by the Ataris. I love the Ataris. Cy and Skids with skates and board. Kind of old, but I like it. A really old drawing. Why'd I leave it here? ... ::Shrugs:: I dunno. Another old drawing. The band with wings. I love this one. :Grin: IT'S ALIVE!!!
Pose and outfits copied from Lit. I imagine Harley sounds like a hybrid of the Popov brothers. Girl!Cy and Girl!Skids. Cy and Skids as kitties. Old drawing of Cy relaxing. It's a Skids-bunny. :)
Mik!demon and Harley!angel. Why? Well, why not? :S: Harley in an anatomically impossible position. He's not wearing hip huggers--those are THIGH huggers. Evil needs to nap too, dammit. Bad Tybalt. No tricking Harley. Tiny little piece of Harley going "Erm...". That's it.
A Harley angel...again. I like him with wings. :S: Scene stolen from Salomé's Last Dance. Herod and Salomé. Kitties. Again. This time Tybalt and Harley. A nude nonsexual cuddle. Nudity. Mik lying down, holding flowers, and being naked. Nooo, he's not a pansy...
Another Harley-angel Mik-demon drawing. This one was a gift for my girl. ...pokemon. Don't ask. Please don't ask. Harley as a raver. Haha, like that'd ever happen. Older drawing: biker boys. Another one inspired by Salomé's Last Dance. This time, John the Baptist and Salomé-- "I *will* kiss your mouth, John the Baptist!"
Harley being sexy. That's it. Old drawing, but damn I still like it. Take the hat off, Harley. Tybalt looks depressed. Small one of Tybalt with a wonky outfit. Two bunnies. PG-13.
Tybalt stabs Fox. It parallels Utopia stuff. Yep. R. Fox is getting a blowjob. L'Hssein is... The official BmB Head Smacker!  Move on to the next drawing, please. Hey, SOMEONE had to keep them in line. And more Tybalt stabness. It's a running gag by now. That's the trouble with having doppelgangers.
Art by "Fox". Here he describes a random Halloween with Collin when they were kidlets. Halloween, part 2. Part 3. Collin with a pitchfork...bad idea. Old art: Tabitha being cold. Dinah, Fox's exgirlfriend.
Fox...as a Fox. :D He's all tilted, I know. Sigh. Pretend he's leaning on a wall or something. Fox as an ancient god. Whee. :) Gothed out Tybalt. Which is odd, as he doesn't like goths. Go figure. Collin being groped by Fox. That simple. Heh. Heh. Rated R for Fox and Collin tagteaming against Harley.
Tybalt with wonky hair. Maybe it was for Halloween. LOOK! Cy confesses his love for Skids! Cy says hi to artist Erin S. Mik and Tybalt dressed as Louis and Lestat from Interview With a Vampire. A gift for my friend Kimmy. Treize about to grope Harley. Why? Well, why not?
Tybalt posing for a magazine cover. Well, he *could* be. Tybalt with lots of swirly tattoos. Moody Fox sitting under a tree. :( He needs a hug. Tybalt is molesting an orange. Lucky orange. Mik/Tybalt, back when they were together. Rated R.
Fox as a pimp. His Halloween costume. :D Priest Collin, to accompany Fox god. A profile shot of Tybalt. Tybalt in a modified Catholic Schoolgirl uniform. Aheheh. Tybalt and Mik in a shower. A gift for my girl--PG-13
Starry Collin. Team Rocket's blasting off again. :cough: You've seen girl versions of Cy and Skids, here are Mik, Tybalt, and Harley. Tybalt cringing. Maybe he had some bad seafood. Tybalt is Evil.
Tybalt and Mik asleep. It's Fox. And a chicken. I deliver what I promise. See, if the other two are the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red...then Tybalt's got to be the woodcutter, right? Fanart for my friend Virginia's story, "The Lost Firecat". Fanart of Glamour Lust's "Bonnie".
Grayling's Curtis. Mm. He's sexy. Fanart of Scandal Sheet's Max. Fanart of PDI's Pathos. Buff!Bunny! Fanart of Queen of Wand's scary blessedwannabe. Fanart of Queen of Wand's Shannon.
Yeah. Still  in fanart territory. This one is of Something Positive's three main characters. "Fern loves his cow," typed 'ginia. It's too good a typo to go to waste...(Fern's from Grayling) Continuing with "Grayling Elementals and Farm Animals", we have Rae and a chicken. Buk  buk. Back to "Elementals and Farm Animals". We present Mid (in a dress) feeding ducks. And geese. Fern is a prostitute.
  Rae is his pimp. :3 Both are still from Grayling--you'll find a link in (surprise!) the links page. Unicorn Jelly's Chou. My Life In Blue's Marius.